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June 29 | Interim Report On Kiweni Community Project

Lamu Marine Conservation would like to take this opportunity to thank Seacology; for their grant towards the facilitation and establishment of Kiweni CCA (Community Conservation Area), for the benefit of Kiweni community. Lamcot do acknowledge the big support from WWF; for their donation of New Engine Hp 15, and the donation of 50 liter per month in assistance of the patrol at Kiweni coral reef community conservation area. Secondly, Lamcot acknowledge the logistical support from Peponi Hotel and Manda Bay Resort in the implementation procedures for this CCA. Moreover, many thank to Dr. Richard Leakey for his US 500donation. Last but not least Lamcot acknowledges the financial back up from Tusk Trust: since 2002 in the running cost of Lamcot who is the core initiator of all these noble endeavors.

Construction of the Minor Banda at Takwa

The minor banda (Bungalow) is expected to raise some revenue through Eco- tourism. Also to accommodate volunteers who come for a night out to glimpse the most fascinating laying process of Mama Turtles. It will help the wardens to operate efficiently when it comes to patrol times.

Major Banda at Pate Island and the Solar System

The Solar system has been installed by the Sollatec Ltd with the following features.
2 85 watts solar panels
2 100Ah Batteries
1 30 30 Amps Controller
2 solar module array structures
1 Glowstar lantern Basic (for turtle patrols)
1 Glowstar lantern Plus (for turtle patrols)
1 AC charger
1 Extension cable MGX
1 DC wiring
1 AC wiring
1 600 watts inverter
6 AC Phillips original lights

The Solar system has be kept in the vicinity of the major Banda; in one house of the villagers to avoid vandalization, and not being stolen.The committee is looking forward to hire a girl from the community who will act as a secretary to the CCA, and to take care of the Banda, and raise some revenue through the video show for the community.

Allocation of the accumulated Surplus to the Kiweni Community.

In the last past four months the CCA has realized a surplus of Kshs 185,854.00.
The BMUs have been given the mandate to implement projects on behalf of their communities, and to submit all necessary documents e.g receipts, reports, minutes and J-pegs on their projects.Futhrmore,to make sure that one member of the Executive Committee is present when they do so. The projects should be implemented before end of July 2010.

Brand new engine from WWF

Through the influence of Professor Shaibu and Atwaa Salim: the CCA got a donation of a brand new engine(Yamaha Hp 15) from WWF Lamu office to support the surveillance aspect through a proposal writing.