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September 06 | Recaptured Green Turtle Brought To Lamcot

A green turtle was recaught accidently by a fishermen in his fishing net and was brought in to LaMCoT for tagging. The turtle had a tag number of KE 2174, this meant that she had been caught before and brought to LaMCoT for the first tagging. Because it had already been tagged, there was no need of tagging her again.
She was then measured again to record her growth rate and time difference.

Going back to our records we found out the following results;
First caught on 8th Feb 2007
CCL = 54 Centimetres
CCW = 49 Centimetres
Tag number = KE 2174

Recaptuerd on 15th Aug 2010
CCL increase to = 70.3 Centimetres
CCW increase to = 64.2 Centimetres

We found out that the time and size difference from the first catch to the second catch was as follows;
Time difference = 2 years, 6 months
Size difference, CCL = 16.3 Centimeres, CCW = 15.2 Centimetres,

As usual she got adopters and was returned to her habitat.