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December 22 | Injured Green Turtle Rescued By Lamcot

It was on the 18th December 2010 when a fisherman brought in a female green turtle for tagging, she had very big open cracks on her carpace (shell). She had several tumours on the soft parts of her body and a few barnacles. Suprisingly with all the injuries she was very active but we could not release her back in the sea till we put her to treatment. We put some Betadine on the cracks to stop further infections to take place. She was then placed in a tank of shallow fresh water over the night.

The second day she was in the same condition and we feared that her condition might worsen. So Lamu Marine Conservation Trust together with the effort of Carol Korschen arranged to fly her to Watamu at Watamu Turtle Watch Rehabilitation Center for further rehabilitation.

Here is the report from Watamu Turtle Watch Rehabilitation Centre;

REF: Admission report of an injured and infected green turtle from Shela in Lamu
Short draft
Turtle was rescued by Lamu Marine Conservation Trust
Date: 18th December, 2010.
Named – Shela
Bio metric Data
CCL -58.5 cm
CCW – 54.3 cm
Weight -21.5 Kgs

Physical appearance
The turtle showed presence of exhaustion and dehydrated otherwise, muscular.
The turtle had several tumours of fibropapillomas disease located on soft body parts and one on under a marginal scute.
Left rear carapace is dismantled as result of an impact from a boat collision.

The turtle was admistered with “Fortum” injectable antibiotic at the rate of 0.0625ml/kg and Normal saline at the rate of 0.1ml/kg as a rehydration agent. Open wounds were cauterised with pottassium Permanganate.

She was force fed with two pieces of fish flesh but was not succeessful.

In house
The turtle was placed in shallow water covering half of the carapace and the remaining part of the carapace was covered with a wet towel to keep the whole body moist.

I will keep you informed.

Kahindi Changawa