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July 18 | Prince William's Report

Prince William’s two weeks report
Biometric data
CCL – 103
CCW – 96.6
Weight – 102 Kgs

Admission physical hospital diagnosis
• Dehydration
• Loss of weight (malnutrition)
• Deficit of calcium (described by scutes flaking from the ribs and the shell appearing soft from the joints between the marginal and the lateral scutes.
• Stasis; floating syndrome and tilting towards left

• Blood fluke control agent. Praziquantel was orally administered three times in twenty four hours at the rate of 25mgs/kg.
• Injectable multivitamin was administered as per the prescription of adult animal for three days in a row.

He didn’t show interest of eating voluntarily and force feeding of sea grass was unsuccessful.
He was therefore, fed with 300mls of prawns puree mixed with multivitamin and calcium one tea spoonful from each. (Calcium was from crashed cattle fish shell)
He was two times a day and regularly checking his interest of eating sea grass by himself.
• Defecated in the seventh day and it’s now happening regularly.
• He began eating sea grass willingly as from the sixth day and now he eats up to three kilos in one day.