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November 13 | Best Students Coming From The Environmental Kindness Club

Lamu marine Conservation Trust has been conducting Environmental Kindness Clubs in five primary schools on weekly basis; Shella, Ama, Kipungani, Mantondoni and Kijani International School. Each club contain twenty members participating in the Environmental Kindness Club.

Due to the success of the clubs, LaMCoT has launch another club in th Shella Bright Girls Secondary School.
The main aim of LaMCoT is to educate the stundents how and why we protect the environment that it is most important, as the say “A healthy mind is in a healthy body and a healthy body is in a healthy environment.”

It was a big challenge at first as the parents of the students did not believe in the Kindness Clubs and said it was a waste of the student’s time.Slowly convincing them, they came to realize how important the club is to the students.
Now the students from the club are performing the best in their schools, not only in the primary schools, but the best performer in all academic levels of thier studies…

Futhermore,LaMCoT is also helping the students from the clubs which are now in the higher level in paying a certain percentage of the school fees.

We wish the best of the best our upcoming role modale.LaMCoT is proud of you!