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January 06 | Lamcot's Update

By-Catch Release Programme

This year was a busy year for Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, although it wasn’t as busy as the previous years, with only 48 releases, the greatest number of releases this year was in the month of August with 24, 64% of the release.
Our running total of releases is now 1014 turtles.

Turtle Nesting Programme

This year it wasn’t the best nesting season due to the lack of the rain we experienced this year with only 19 nests that have hatched and 1 new nest was laid on Manda Island, as a surprise the number of nests increased from 5 nests to 18 nests on Shella beach this year. An increment of more than 29%.
Our running total of hatchling is now 67373 hatchlings

Rehabilitation Centre

Shella is still admitted to the rehab at Watamu Turtle Watch, we hope she feel better soon and release her back into the wild.

Community Outreach

We held a fantastic beach clean up on November with over 65 participants coming from all stretches of the community and students. A debris of 354 Kgs of plastic was collected.We continue to support community groups to conduct monthly clean ups and to love their Local Ocean.

Manda Toto Conservancy-Kiweni CCA

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust in collaboration with the BMUs and The Fisheries Department in the protection of the last coral reefs in the area. It has established a no fishing zone, patrols the area and works to end illegal fishing practices. Moorings have been installed and tickets have been issued for the tourists that will visit the area. It is such a fantastic opportunity for the local to be able to see for themselves how stunning, exciting and special our coral reefs and marine life is.

We thank you all for your support and interest in our work.