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March 07 | Kenya Toursit Board Visiting Lamcot

It has surely been a very busy week here at Lamu Marine Conservation Trust.We had a group of visitors from the Kenya Tourist Board(KTB) from Nairobi.

The KTB were very interested in our tree planting project at the Manda Airport which was started by the Shella Primary Marine Environmental kindness club in the year 2000.LaMCoT organised a tree planting launch of which the directing manager;Mr Muriithi Ndegwa together with other board members got to plant a new tree at the Manda Airport.

The Shella primary environmental club were also there very proudly witnessing their project being among a successful projects for over 12 years to date.

The launch was then aired on television by variuos Kenyan broadcasts.These include the KTN,NTV,K24 and Citizen Tv;so that everyone in the world could see the achievements and success of Lamu Marine Conservation Trust.

Two days later,LaMCoT meet with the Kenya Tourist Board at Peponi Hotel in Lamu.They donate a cheque of Kshs 200,000 to the project!This donation will help in enhacing the education programmes LaMCoT does in Lamu archepilago,turtle protection and conservation.

Our sincere appreciation to KTB for their generousity.May God bless KTB..and Bless LaMCoT!