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April 08 | Shella Bright Girls Manda Toto Excursion

The season is ending, the southern winds (kusi) has started to blow, the rain is coming and the schools are closed.

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust did its level best pertaining the marine kindness clubs for the best education and awareness to the sutdents on importance of protecting and conserving the enviroment

The clubs did the annual beach clean up at Shella beach. They had various quizes and debates competitons,art work and also a video showing programme on importance of protecting and conservation the nature.

LaMCoT have designed information boards,which were donated by FFI (Flora and Fauna International) to all marine clubs in the Lamu archipelago.These boards contains information on education of turtles, corals, mangroves, work in class and out of the class too.

LaMCOT had excursion with the Shella Bright Girls Secondary School in the last week.The group had a whole day trip to Manda toto,a snorkeling zone as part of the coral conserving area.

Each student was provided with a pair of snorkeling gears. They enjoyed snorkeling and have had to see the different species of coral,fish and the beauty of marine lifes.

Later,the group had lunch on the beach and returned back in the afternoon.