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November 25 | 12th Lamu Cultural Festival

Lamu has held its 12th cultural festival as from the year 2000.
The 12th Lamu Cultural Festival was a very special one for everyone includindg The Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, LaMCoT organised a stall at the town square of Lamu (Mkunguni Town Square) on the purpose of education and awareness on the environment and especially the endagered species the turtles.
We had put the exhibition for the three days of the festival, enough time for the awareness to the locals and also the tourists who came to enjoy the festival.
People really liked the display and enjoyed coming to ask question pertaining turtle conservation as far as turtle are concerned. We offered them our brochures and leaflets which have the projects information.
It was a busy and lovely experience of the cultural festival.
We say thank you very much for giving us a chance to show what we LaMCoT are capable of and we hope to try our level best for the coming cultural festival.