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August 15 | General Update Of What Lamcot Has Been Doing

By-Catch Release Programme
This year was a busy year for Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, although it wasn’t as busy as the previous years, with only 9 releases, the greatest number of releases this year was in the month of July with 30. 00% of the release.
Our running total of releases is now 1032 turtles.
Turtle Nesting Programme
This year it wasn’t the best nesting season due to insufficient rain we have experienced with only 35 nests that have hatched and 2 new nest yet to hatch on Manda Island, unfortunately,the number of nests decreased from 8nests to 5 nests on Shella beach this year.
Our running total of hatchling is now 76,231 hatchlings
Community Outreach
We held a fantastic beach clean up on July with over 50 participants coming from all stretches of the community and students. A debris of 402 Kgs of plastic was collected.We continue to support community groups to conduct monthly clean ups and to love their environment.
Environmental Kindness Club
Lamu Marine Conservation Trust has provided LaMCoT’s T-shirt to Shella Primary and Kijani International club as an identity to the their school’s clubs.Also, to spreed the word of conservation to the world. We thank you all for your support and interest in our work… well as your patience, I am so sorry it has been so long since our last update.
Love your natural environment!