Lamcot Quarterly Newsletters

Newsletter December 2008

Best Wishes for the New Year!!

We want to send our best wishes to all our friends in conservation from the western archipelago of Lamu District; Coast Province; Kenya.

We do send our acknowledgment to Tust Trust our main sponsors in England to whom without there assistance we wouldn’t have done much.

LAMCOT greatly appreciates all donations from both nest and tag adopters.

Lamu Marine Conservation project is indebted to Carol Korschen and her husband Lars (Management Peponi Hotel and Pioneers of the Project) for their support.

Many thanks go to the turtle team for their zeal and diligence in all matters pertaining to conservational activities.

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust is indebted by the work of KESCOM (Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee) for their incessant support on Data collection, update on conservational issues etc.

We also send our thanks to Merry Joe and Louis from Kizingo for their support with respect to all conservational activities in Shella Beach. LaMCoT would also like to direct its appreciation to the entire community for having accepted to join their hands which are indispensable paddles for the excellence of this project.
Hope you enjoy reading our news….!!!!

Turtle protection

The year 2008 was great in terms of number of baby turtles released. Lamcot released 40,000 baby turtles. On the side of tagging it has tagged and released 200 adults and juvenile turtles. We had a few cases on mortality of both juvenile and baby turtles.

The Education Project

The above project is still on at the four Schools in Lamu and by 2009 the project is expected to be more extended to the eastern archipelago once the Dhow project gets funded.
The syllabus covers all angles of environmental conservation and with bits of making the kids sophisticated.

Awareness and education activities will enhance the impact of conservation initiatives by enabling school children and the local communities have a greater understanding of environmental issues as well as provide a cleaner environment for all i.e. through beach clean ups. TUSK TRUST education package has been very useful to this project.

Bees and Conservation

The ten hives are already installed at the Kibuyuni area, but we had a problem as some of the hives were being vandalized. We have moved them to a safer place near the community leaving there.

This place is where Ama environmental kindness club going to have its project on mangrove rehabilitation while the bee project for all schools (During time of excursions) after they finish the bee topic (Lecture).

Adviser from PUM (Netherlands Senior Experts) 15th-30th November

In September 2008 Carol Korschen, the Director of the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LaMCoT), sent a request to PUM for assistance in the development of LaMCoT’s work in environmental protection, conservation of animals and plants, and wise use of water. The application mentioned the existence of a turtle protection scheme and programme for capacity building for Lamu fishermen. Fortunately, the request was accepted and we had an adviser; Mr.Fer Von der assen to our project from 15th-30th stayed at Peponi Hotel.
The PUM expert’s s Mission was to be able to assess the activities of LaMCoT and to help it with the possible recommendation. Eventually on November 18th a work plan meeting was held and it was agreed to discuss all LaMCoT’s (sub) projects individually on the basis of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), followed by a list of recommendations. This procedure was also followed for the discussions on funding, staff and organization. We are now following the annual recommendations based on Mr.Fer Von Der Assen; which is of very helpful in implementing our mission. Thank you very much Fer!

Community mobilization

We collaborating with Professor Shekuwe and other BMU’s of Lamu to save and protect the only snorkeling area in Lamu’ Manda Toto’. Nevertheless, people are exploiting it : aquarium fishing, illegal fishing methods by locals and foreigners, ornamental fishing etc. is really pushing this asset on the wall. We are now aiming to develop a holistic approach to conservation and management of the marine resources for the benefit of local community.

Babo Project

The above project which is meant for disseminating conservational information to the Eastern part of Lamu archipelago is still pending as we are waiting for an umbrella. We are soliciting for a sponsor, Sarah, the project manager for Tusk in Africa has already sent a concept paper to them. Also Carol Korschen is looking for sponsor at Peponi with some people she knows. Al Miftah Dhow is ready for transportation. Lars from Peponi Hotel has paid for it while we are looking for the 10,000 Gb to pay it off. The Dhow will not only be used for the Medical/Educational trips on the north, but also for taking the kids in our environment clubs out on trips, snorkeling, Exchange visits, visiting projects on the ground, community mobilization ( a good example is when we mobilize the community when Pemba fishermen intruded to our fishing grounds with their destructive fishing methods).

How to get involved in Lamcot

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust has its own Bank account for members and well wishers to deposit funds.


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